Rebuilt or Used 6L90 transmission for sale; which is the best replacement?

You can’t trust your 6L90 transmission if it’s not operating smoothly while driving. One of the most important parts of your car’s engine that moves it is the transmission. You can choose between a transmission replacement with a used 6L90 or a rebuilt transmission if you notice problems such as gear grinding or transmission slippage. Your transmission may be repairable, but before doing anything, check that everything is good and that it is not worn. While a brand-new 6L90 transmission is expensive, you may be able to get a better-used 6L90 transmission that is as good or better than brand new for a reasonable price. The ideal place to get a transmission for your car or truck is from a reputable dealer that offers competitively fair prices, factory-quality used parts, and a wide range of necessary components. 

The rebuilt 6L90 transmission is also available for sale. They are offered at low prices; the damaged components are rebuilt and then availed for selling to customers. Getting it instead of the new one will not make much change but yes, it is lesser in cost than buying the new one. 

Know about 6L90 Transmission 

6L90 Hydra-Matic transmission is a six-speed automatic transmission built by General Motors. It is used in rear and rear-biased wheel vehicles of General Motors and Chevrolet. 6L90 transmissions are found in many vehicles. If you own the cars given below and your transmission is not performing well, then you need to replace it. GMC Sierra, Savana, Chevrolet Silverado,  Express, Suburban, Camaro, and CTS use 6l90 Transmissions.

  • This is an electronically controlled Hydra-Matic transmission. 
  • This heavy-duty version of transmissions accepts bell housings and output shaft adapters. This feature in the transmission made it able to be installed without any necessity to be designed according to the application.
  • This transmission is found in the rear-wheel drive application.
  • 6L90 transmission is produced in Toledo, Ohio, Mexico, and Silao.
  • Maximum input torque is 531 lb-ft with 300mm torque converter and maximum GVWR is 15,000lbs.
  • Its case is made of aluminum and it weighs 245lbs.

Gear Ratios:

  • 1st gear: 4.02: 1
  • 2nd gear: 2.36: 1
  • 3rd gear: 1.53: 1
  • 4th gear: 1.15: 1
  • 5th gear: 0.85: 1
  • 6th gear: 0.66: 1
  • Reverse gear: 3.06: 1

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