Top-Quality Used 4R70W Transmission For Sale

Introduction: 4R70W transmission with high-level control torque power

The Automatic Overdrive (AOD) gearbox was created and produced by Ford Motor Company in 1980 and in 1990, AOD with electronic control was launched. Ford improved the AODE and renamed it 4R70W in 1993. With innovations including lighter materials and a newly designed valve body with computer-controlled solenoid packages, it was substantially similar to the AODE. The 4R70W gearbox is a common choice for many cars, but it can also be used with many other types of sedans because of its size and capacity to handle high levels of torque and horsepower. 4R70W transmission can manage over 575 horsepower. 

Ford 4R70W transmission with overdrive is perfect for lightweight cars

The number 4 stands for four-speed and R stands for rear-wheel drive, while 70 represents the maximum input torque of 700Nm (516 ft-lb) in the 4R70W. The wide-ratio gearbox is indicated by the W at the end, while the E indicates the updated electronic controls on certain 4R70W variants. The torque converter slip is detected by the turbine speed sensor in the E models, which helps adjust shift sensation and speed. 

Three-gear with the advancement of reverse and overdrive

The 4R70W featured a single output speed sensor up to 2001. The speed sensor’s design was then altered in 2001. An input speed sensor and an alternative valve body were also incorporated. 4R70W has gear ratios of 2.84:1 (first), 1.55:1 (second), 1.00:1 (third), 0.70:1 (overdrive) and 2.32:1 (Reverse).

The capacity of 4R70W transmissions to manage high power levels while remaining lightweight and effective is one of its greatest advantages.

Because of its stronger output shaft and gear set, the 4R70W is far better suited for applications requiring high torque and faster speeds. They also accelerate more quickly thanks to their reduced gear ratio.

A lock-up torque clutch engages in 3rd or 4th gear and provides more power to the rear wheels at higher speeds and full throttle. Because it provides direct transmission from the engine to the transmission, it eliminates rotational losses in torque, allowing lower engine speeds to be used at cruising speeds, which helps improve fuel economy.

4R70W transmission is installed in:

  • Ford Bronco SUV
  • Ford F-150 truck
  • Ford Mustang 
  • Thunderbird
  • Lincoln Town Car 
  • Lincoln Mark VIII

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